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LyvEco what's the story?

LyvEco is an independent family owned company based in the South of England. The company is passionate about quality above price, this is why all LyvEco lamps are tested to a higher standard that you would normally find in the market place. TUV GS involves much more rigorous testing before a certificate can be awarded so that the lamps can enter the marketplace with the TUV GS label displayed, this means when you buy and use LyvEco LED lamps you are assured of a lamp that has been manufactured to perform better than most.

LyvEco has now been operating as a brand for 10 years and in those 10 years there has been major strides in lamp technology.

Starting with the CFL lamps, which were energy saving but were slow to get to full brightness and not very appealing to look at.

We invested heavily in research into LED and were one of the first UK brands to introduce LED lamps on to the wholesale trade marketplace.

We now believe that we have a market leading range of LED lamps that compare strongly against the leading large manufacturers.

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