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LyvEco Vintage ST64 LED Lamps have the WOW! Factor

A light bulb is a light bulb there is no doubting that, it delivers a function that is needed ie light but the light bulb can also be a design feature, something to look at and enjoy in all its naked glory.

Where restaurants led with funky lighting this has now crossed over into the the home, with interior designers using the now diverse range of LED lamps to create ambiance and features out of the humble light bulb.

At LyvEco we have introduced the all glass ST64 vintage style lamp in clear and gold in dimmable and non dimmable.

The appeal of these shaped LED lamps is clear to see as insitu they look romantic and stylish plus add a design feature rather than a basic function.

If you couple the lamps with a modern shade you are able to create some very striking looks but equally in a retro or vintage lamp holder or shade you can create wonderful displays of light.

These lamps are available to purchase from our online store

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