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LED Lamp Energy Label Explained.

Regulations stipulate that every LED lamp that is placed on the marketplace in the UK must display the EU energy label (see picture) but what does it mean for you?

The current label displays letters from A++ to E, A++ being the most energy efficient and E being the least energy efficient.

At the moment most LED lamps are A+, Fluorescent tubes would be rated at A, Halogens D and old style light bulbs in E.

How do they get this rating?

There are a number of factors in the legislation that determine how the rating is determined, the main ones being

  • How many watts of power they use

  • How many hours they should last for

  • How much heat they produce

  • How many times you can switch them on and off

The Energy Label will change as it has done before, it used to run from A to F, and as technology advances and LED lamps become even more energy efficient, we could see change to reflect this, and now that Halogens are being phased out the whole label may need to be reclassified.

Can you trust the label?

It is illegal to put LED lamps on the marketplace that display false information on this label and trading standards take a very dim view to any company that would attempt to do this at LyvEco we use factories and testing labs that comply to UK and EU standards, we will not put costs over safety and quality.

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