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LED Flickering Flame Lamps, What Are They?

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

In 2018 we introduced a lamp that really took our breath away, this lamp could replicate the action of a candle flame but without the dangerous flame, heat and candle wax and best of all it was an ultra energy efficient LED.

We called this lamp the Real Flickering Flame Lamp.

Coming in two cap variants of BC and ES it produces a lovely warm glow that flickers up just like a candle does, best houses outside in lanterns they produce a stunning visual effect that will have your neighbours looking on in awe.

The addition of the 'Gravitational' means they can be mounted upward and downwards and the flame will adjust accordingly to always appears to flicker in the up direction.

So far this lamp has proven to be a big success with our customers with many commenting on how great they look.


  • Watts: 5

  • Lumens: 80

  • Kelvins: 1600

  • Size: 129 x 54mm

  • Dimmable: No

  • Gravitational: Yes

  • Energy Rating: B

  • Similar to: 15W

  • Life Hours: 25,000

  • Beam Angle: 360

  • On/Off Cycles: 8000

  • Voltage: 240

  • Warranty:2 Years

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