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Energy Rating Labels Explained

You may have noticed that your energy efficient light bulbs now has a lot more information on the packaging, this is because of various directives that were enforced by the EU. All this information is there to help you make the right choice when you purchase a light bulb.

However some of the information can be confusing as it looks quite technical and complicated.

All Lyveco products conform to EU and British safety standards and feature the most recent energy ratings as implemented in 2014.

Here we will explain what the energy rating table you see on Lyveco packaging means.

Here we will explain about the energy rating label you will find on all Lyveco CFL packaging.

As you can see a CFL is rated A this used to be the highest rating for energy efficiency, however since LED lamps have come to the market, which use less energy two higher ratings have been introduced.

On this label there is some further information to go with the actual rating.

This means how many kilo watts of energy will be consumed by this lamp every

1000 hours.

Consumers used to buy lamps by wattage, but now Lumens is becoming the                standardised specification for choosing the right lamp, Lumens means the amount             of light that the light bulb throws out, so the higher the lumens the more powerful the             light output will be ie. Higher lumens = more light.

This means the amount of watts in energy terms that the lamp will consume , this is             not to be confused with the wattages of old style light bulbs, for this particular label             example 15 watt does not mean this is the same as an old style 15 watt lamp.             Remember the higher the lumens the more powerful the light.

This refers to how many hours the lamp should last, on occasions the lamp life             could end prematurely due to electrical faults, power surges, faulty light switches or             switching the lamp off and on too many times

This refers to the light shade that the lamp puts out and is measured by Kelvins you             can see a kelvins chart on this website. The type of colours you will most probably             purchase are warm white, which is like the old style light bulbs and gives off a warm             orange yellow type glow, to a cool very white light which you typically see in shops.

This refers to the amount of on/off switches you should be able to do before the             lamp fails.